Compseal 462 CWM

Product information:

462 CWM is a UV Stable cementitious two part waterproofing membrane, 462 CWM is based on high alumina fast setting cements and is mixed with a high solids water resistant pure acrylic.

462 CWM combines the fast drying and excellent adhesion characteristics of traditional 2 part membranes with the excellent toughness, elongation and flexibility of modern acrylic membranes. 462 CWM has been designed to pass all of the requirements of AS4654.1 :2012 for class II waterproofing membranes.

Designed for use as an under tile membrane on balconies, roofs as well as some swimming pools. 462 CWM has excellent adhesion to concrete, cement screeds and most F/C sheet and is used together with elastic waterproof tape for maximum performance and ease of use. As 462 CWM is a UV Stable membrane, it can be left exposed in areas with low foot traffic, both internally and externally. Surface Systems Australia recommend that regular inspections be carried out to identify damaged areas & repaired periodically.